Explore Santa Fe, use our ideas on what to do when visiting:

Horseback riding: travel the city on a gentle horse or in a beautiful car.
Hikes: breathe fresh air through the streets of the city and its surroundings.
Visiting Antiquarias : This is a must to visit in Santa Fe de Antioquia, is the Mansion House, located next to the Santa Barbara temple.
Rafting: the unique experience of exploring the majestic Cauca river, or Tonusco.
Museums: The Juan del Corral Museum is the jewel of Santa Fe de Antioquia, full of history and pieces as unique as the signature table of the Antioquia Independence Act.
Vineyard : taste a real Paisa wine, which has nothing to envy to foreign wines.
Visits to colonial houses: relive in history and live like it was 200 years ago in these beautiful colonial houses.
Religious Tours: renew your faith and let yourself be carried away by our temples and the fervor of Santa Fe de Antioquia.
Bicycle Tours: walk through the cobbled streets full of history through all the alleys of the city on a steel horse.
Paint Ball: extreme fun, fill yourself with adrenaline with this experience of persecution and healthy militia.
Paragliding: see the city from above, marvel at the Tonusco Valley.
West Bridge: Visit this Suspension Bridge over the Cauca River, Majestic work of the Architect José María Villa Villa.
Near Waterfalls: Crystal clear water of the noke and the meter very close to the city.
The House of Two Palms: Relive the most important novel of Antioquia, be part of its protagonists and discover the charms of this mansion.
Moto Taxis: Travel in one of these peculiar vehicles that will show you the city with a pleasant talk while discovering this colonial city.
Days of Sun: Enjoy Swimming Pools in all the neighborhoods and in colonial helmet, spend a hot afternoon in some inn of Santa Fe de Antioquia.
Cinema: Cinema under the Stars in some of the parks totally free, while having a refreshing cocktail
Rumbas: Santa Fe de Antioquia offers its outskirts at night to live the rumba until dawn.
Culture: the gatherings in the alleys of the city, reading and poetry groups that open field in museums and some restaurants.
Sport: If your plan is to exercise, we have free soccer, basketball, tennis and outdoor gym courts, as well as a bike track.
Lookout: towards the road to the sea only two kilometers observe the whole west in all its fullness.
Tourist inns: visit the different tourist inns of the west, have the opportunity and have a true experience with rural families and perform activities in the countryside in a very playful and fun way, sleep in comfortable inns and feel the tranquility of the countryside.
Traditional Gastronomic Tours: Eat the typical tamale, the arepas in callana, the original church empanadas, the guandolo, the orchata and delicious tamarind in the candelaria house the matron of sweets.
Visit an original Paisa village: crossing the Cauca River, a small town adorned by a giant manger with movement in its temple. Get to know the straw houses of the city, especially the Aguinaga ranchería, the oldest in Santa Fe de Antioquia.
Among many other things!