vHello everyone and welcome to our page where we will focus on Santa Fe and all of the great things about this place. Santa Fe is located in New Mexico and is a place of great cultural history, historic landmarks and also amazing and fun night life. In this article today we’ll explore some of these things as we look to give you the best possible information regarding this amazing place. These cultural places have been mentioned in art magazines online everywhere. As a matter of fact Santa Fe has featured in some of the best art magazines online. This shouldn’t be a surprise, if you take into consideration that some of its landmarks have an international reputation and are very popular. Apart from must-visit places, we will give you information about the nightlife and entertainment spots you should hit for a great night out. One of the main things that visitors will notice is the many casinos in the city, so it comes as no surprise that our suggestion is to visit one. Even if you are not a fan of gambling, some of these venues are well worth your time. And for those who like to try their luck, we suggest improving your chances of winning by playing on online casino sites beforehand. You can play hundreds of games for free by claiming a bonus offer from the casino site nodepositslotocash.com.

Read Our Art Magazine Online

Like we mentioned in the paragraph above there are a lot art magazines online where you can see the beauties of Santa Fe. Ours is different from other art magazines online in a way that it also features things that you don’t normally find in art magazines online. For instance in this article we’ll feature fun facts as well as the nightlife and entertainment in New Mexico. Furthermore, we’ll include the best sights and landmarks to explore. In addition to that we’ll mention the best galleries and antique stores, which some art magazines online also do.

Fun Facts About Santa Fe

There are a lot of fun things to be said about Santa Fe, so we’ll try to be quick and mention the best and most interesting ones. For starters Santa Fe is the highest capital amongst all the US capitals. It is located 7,199 feet above sea level. In addition to that, Santa Fe is also the oldest US state capital, ever since 1610. Another well-known fact about Santa Fe is that it is considered to be the city of holy state. It is also home to the oldest church in the USA, the San Miguel Mission, which has featured in some of the best art magazines online.

Best Sights and Landmarks To Explore

Santa Fe has a huge cultural heritage that it can be proud of. In this paragraph here we’ll include a list of the top sights and landmarks to explore when visiting this beautiful place.

San Miguel Chapel

We already mentioned the San Miguel Chapel in the paragraph above. It is the oldest church in the USA, built in 1636. The church contains a high altar and a number of statues. Furthermore, the adobe structure has the ability to change color, depending on how the sun strikes it. In addition to that the church includes an open bell tower that has a cross at the top. Meanwhile, the interior includes wood beams on the ceiling with a white wall, further decorated with unique pieces of art.

El Rancho de Las Golondrinas

This great landmark is a living history museum. It features 33 historic buildings spread across 200 acres of land. Some of these buildings include originals and some of them are relocated historic buildings that were moved here from across the state.


The Plaza is a busy lively place in the town of Santa Fe. Here you can find numerous galleries, shops, cafes and restaurants. It is also the best place if you want to get some authentic Native American arts and crafts. These include handcrafts and especially jewelry.

Santa Fe Opera House

The Santa Fe Opera house is the state’s most popular center for performing arts. Here you can find a large variety of works, such as traditional ones like Madame Butterfly to performances such as Doctor Atomic.

Canyon Road

This once very busy trade route is a tourist attraction today. It is the host of numerous galleries, craft shops as well as artists studies. Furthermore, you can also find restaurants, cafes and tea-houses here.

Experience the Nightlife Entertainment in New Mexico

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Visit the Best Art Galleries and Antique Stores

We already mentioned that Santa Fe has a lot of landmarks, historical sites and some of the best USA casinos that give you the chance to play casino games and make some real money. But aside from the best casinos and historical monuments, Santa Fe also has a large variety of art galleries and antique stores that have been featured in some of the best art magazines online. You can find the finest and most authentic art galleries and antique stores in the plaza or at the canyon road. Most of these include works from American Indian heritage which is a huge part of the Santa Fe history.