There will be a free bicycle parking near the municipality.

It will be for municipal employees and those who carry out procedures in that unit. It will be guarded and will work on business days.

To promote the use of sustainable transport and avoid congestion of vehicles in the center of the city of Santa Fe from the Council, they promote the creation of a bicycle parking lot.

It will be a covered, visible and close space with the Municipal Palace of Salta Street, for bicycle parking with the relevant security conditions.

In a first stage it will be destined to the people that provide services in the Municipality and Municipal Council, as well as to those who go to these organisms to carry out different steps. The space will be free, with custody and will work during administrative business hours.

The sanction foresees that the parking and municipal custody of bicycles be extended progressively to the different municipal units, being able to adapt to the conditions of the place, number of workers and the particular circumstances that each of them presents.

“The bicycle is a healthy environment, which also helps to alleviate mobility problems”
Ponce de León explained that “the proposal is intended for those who provide services in the Municipal Public Administration or Municipal Council, as well as those who approach the Palace o Enclosure to perform different procedures. We are convinced that from the municipal level you can set the example in these first steps so that the measure is spread in other areas and citizens find solutions of this type to their daily concerns ”

“Fortunately, progress has been made through different projects in the proliferation of spaces for parking and bicycle circulation. However, we must continue working and rethinking the measures that are needed to improve safety conditions, ”said the mayor.

“Being able to leave the bike in a comfortable and safe place is an indispensable condition if we want to encourage its use. Do not forget that it is not only a healthy environment but also a true alternative to alleviate the mobility problems that the city is going through, ”concluded Councilman Franco Ponce de León.